"Westwood" Essential Oil Diffuser

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Experience more fully the benefits of using essential oils with this wooden aromatherapy diffuser. 

Get it TODAY at this Special Price while Supplies Last.

This Westwood Diffuser utilizes high-frequency atomization to effectively disperse an equal mixture of essential oils and water into the air. It is specifically designed to help you reap the benefits of essential oil aromatherapy in any room or office. Just add water, throw in a few drops of Essential Oils, close the lid, and turn it on. 

You will discover the transformative, aromatic powers of essential oils throughout your home.


  • Ultrasonic Humidifier
  • Size: 6"x6.7" 
  • Mist Output: 30ml/Hour
  • 2-3 Drops of Essential Oil per 100ml of Water
  • Color-Changing LED Light
  • Portable
  • Timer

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