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INGREDIENTS: benzion, bergamot, vanilla C02

AFFINITY FOR: aphrodisac, antidepressant, emotional stability, hormone balancing, liver meridan

RESONANCE: emotional, spiritual, mental

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, immune stimulant, anti-oxidant, nervine, tonic, antidepressant, revitalizer, anti-arthritic, anti-tumoral

APPLICATION: LeBeMine can be applied to any area of the body, used in the bath, and is very nice when diffused.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: LeBeMine has a sweet citrus smell with a rich creamy vanilla base note.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: The high notes of citrus add happiness and cheer to this blend while the vanilla C02 and Benzoin add stability and deep contentment with its warm welcoming velvety richness. It is a very grounding blend bringing feelings of peace, joy, and contentment. It promotes feelings of love and gratitude for our partners making it a great oil to add to those special moments with your Valentine.

CAUTIONS: Bergamot should be diluted well and used sparingly. Repeated use of bergamot can result in extreme contact sensitization.

Bergamot contains bergaptene, which is phototoxic. You should avoid direct sunlight on skin to which bergamot has been applied. This caution applies to more than just an uncomfortable sunburn. Damage to the nuclei of cells has been documented when skin to which bergamot was applied was exposed to ultra-violet light. This phototoxicity lasts up to 12 hours after the oil has been applied. Using bergamot in a blend does not eliminate its phototoxicity. There is no problem using this oil as long as you apply it to areas of the body that will not be exposed to ultra-violet light (sunlight or a tanning bed).

There are bergamot essential oils available that have had the constituents that create phototoxicity removed. However, these oils lack both aroma and certain therapeutic qualities.

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